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Mastering AI Model Risks Amid Evolving Regulations
Explore the evolving landscape of AI model risks as you unveil cutting-edge strategies to navigate the complexities and stay ahead of rapidly changing regulations in the banking industry.
Jul 10, 2024
Karolos Korkas
Karolos Korkas, Head of Algorithmic Trading Model Validation, Nomura
  • Establish robust AI governance frameworks to address the broad implications of AI across various sectors and ensure compliance with evolving regulations.

  • Tailor risk assessment approaches to the complexity and usage of AI applications, recognizing the varying risk profiles.

  • Implement rigorous testing and continuous monitoring to maintain transparency and explainability of AI models, mitigating risks before and after deployment.

  • Navigate ethical and compliance challenges by balancing innovative AI applications with responsible use and adherence to regulatory standards.

Karolos Korkas Bio

Karolos is the head of algorithmic trading model risk at Nomura managing the model risk of all algorithmic trading models across the firm, globally and for all asset classes. Previously, he worked at Citi as a lead validator for algo trading models, and at MUFG in the electronic trading space (FX market making) as a front office quant trader where he prototyped trading models using statistical and machine learning methods. He holds a PhD in Statistics from the London School of Economics funded by EPSRC.

Karolos Korkas