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Incorporating climate risk into the liquidity framework of banking
May 31, 2024
Rocco Fanciullo
Rocco Fanciullo, Head of Liquidity Risk Management, UniCredit
Rocco Fanciullo Bio

Rocco has been working with UniCredit Group since 1999, where he started as a financial analyst in capital markets, covering the corporate bonds market. In November 2006 he moved to Capital Management team, with the task of monitoring and forecasting the Group capitalization ratios and measuring the value generation. In March 2010 he entered the Strategic Planning Unit, covering the design of budgets and the multi-year plans of the Group. Since May 2014 he is the Head of the Liquidity Risk Management, in the Group Risk Management area. In November 2022, he entered in Euronext Clearing Risk Committee, as UniCredit’s representative.

Rocco Fanciullo