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A mandate for model governance in the age of AI
Dave Trier
Dave Trier, VP, Product, ModelOp
Liming Brotcke
Liming Brotcke, Senior Director, Head of Model Vallidation, Ally
A mandate for model governance in the age of AI

Embark on a transformative journey towards fortified AI and model governance with our latest webinar, crafted in collaboration with ModelOp. In today's dynamic landscape, enterprises are under mounting pressure to swiftly adopt robust governance frameworks to mitigate risks and drive operational excellence. 

Join us as two esteemed industry experts delve into the intricate realm of model governance amidst the AI revolution, equipping viewers with indispensable insights to establish a comprehensive framework in mere months. 

Discover the imperative need for augmenting existing processes and tools to accommodate AI intricacies, transcending beyond ethical considerations to encompass pivotal facets such as business strategy, data integrity, IT infrastructure, risk management, and cybersecurity.

Webinar agenda
  • Assessing the need for AI and model governance

  • Key tenets to modernizing your model governance capability

  • Common pitfalls to avoid

  • Recommendations to get started