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Will AI replace your role in cyber?
As AI continues to reshape industries, including cybersecurity, professionals grapple with the potential impact on job roles, with insights suggesting a future of human-AI collaboration and the emergence of new roles requiring expertise in AI application, ushering in a dynamic era of career evolution and lifelong learning in the field.
Craig Spielmann
Craig Spielmann, Risk Intelligence Leader, CNM LLP
Will AI replace your role in cyber?

  • The evolving relationship between AI and cybersecurity careers is explored, with considerations given to potential job displacement and the emergence of new roles driven by AI automation.

  • Professionals are encouraged to adapt and continuously learn in response to the evolving landscape shaped by AI technology.

  • A future collaboration between humans and AI in cybersecurity is envisioned, emphasizing the complementary roles of AI in routine tasks and human oversight in strategic decision-making.

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