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AI and cybersecurity dominate fintech thinking
Delve into the persistent prominence of cybersecurity and the escalating significance of artificial intelligence (AI) within the fintech sector, revealing insights from CeFPro's Fintech Leaders reports.
Apr 01, 2024
AI and cybersecurity dominate fintech thinking

  • Cybersecurity emerges as a perpetual challenge hindering fintech progress, with CeFPro's 2024 report revealing it as the foremost obstacle according to 88% of respondents.

  • Despite fluctuations, cybersecurity maintains its top position in investment priority rankings across consecutive years, reflecting its critical role amidst increasing client demands and evolving cyber threats.

  • AI garners growing attention and investment within financial institutions, evolving from a predicted future opportunity in 2019 to a significant investment priority in 2024, with 85% considering it the most significant.

  • The rapid evolution of AI poses multifaceted challenges for financial institutions, necessitating robust governance structures, regulatory alignment, and skilled experts to navigate uncertainties and capitalize on its potential for productivity enhancement.

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